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Flatten your stomach, tighten up your butt and say goodbye to excess fat around your chest and thighs
Look great in all of your clothes and gain self-confidence
Improve your all around strength, stamina and fitness, and change your life!
Proven Weight Loss & Fitness Success in Just Two Weeks!
BFIT BSTRONG is the training program you need to unlock weight loss results in as little as two weeks, and to continue smashing through goals for as long as you’re willing to stick with the system.

It’s never too late to get started, and there’s no barrier or obstacle that cannot be overcome with our help.

BFIT BSTRONG Torrance/South Bay

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Private training, semi-private sessions, and group fit camps
We’ll come to you — in your backyard or your local park, at the beach, or anywhere else!
Bodyweight exercises you can utilize throughout your life without expensive equipment or gyms
Fun and innovative workout sessions
You’ll begin to fit into your old clothes again!
Improve functional total body strength, while burning fat and improving stamina
Get stronger without bulking up
You’ll look and feel healthier
Sports-specific training programs
Nutritional guidance and support, and special superfood smoothie mix
All ages, fitness and experience levels welcome
Start seeing results in just two weeks, guaranteed!
Everything we do at BFit BStrong is about you, your body, and your specific goals and desires. We’ll help you experience quick, real results, while you transform your body and change your life.

Our training sessions are fun and innovative, and as convenient as possible. Bring your friends and families and host a session in your backyard, or at the park or the beach.

We’ll come to you, and show you how to succeed with toning up and weight loss with functional bodyweight exercises and a total-body
approach to strength and fitness.

Our program is proven to work, and you’ll see results in as little as two weeks, and you’ll have fun at every step along the way!

BFit BStrong Personal Training in Torrance/South BayAll the Other Gyms and Trainers Out There
Fun, unique and engaging workouts
Boring routines that never change
Total body, functional muscle strength and stamina
Only focusing on vanity muscles, not complete fitness
Tailor-made programs to address injuries, disabilities or weak spots
One size fits all programs that don’t address you and your body, and what you need
Body transformation without bulking up
Only approach is packing on muscle mass with heavy weights
Torrance Ca
I am a fitness model. I compete in many bikini competitions. I have always had a problem area with my hips and thigh area. They have always been a little bigger than desired. I really wanted to win, a contest so decided to work with Pat at BFIT BSTRONG FITNESS . After 6 weeks of workouts with Pat, I lost 2 inches from both my hip and thigh area. I ended up winning the competition! I would highly recommend his services and wish he could move with me to New York!

Torrance Ca
Amazing is all I can say ! I started working with Pat just 3 months and I cannot believe all the changes going on in my body.I have never felt stronger or healthier and my body is changing so fast. Pat is passionate about fitness and every session he creates so much energy and enthusiasm, he makes it fun. Each workout challenging, creative and I never get bored because he has so many interesting things to do -to help get me strong. Correct form when doing each exercise protects me from injury and gets me strong that much faster. It is so great to find new muscles every couple of weeks. I have incredible energy and everything I do in my ‘real’ life is so much easier and less stressful. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Pat will lead you every step of the way.
Thank you Pat, you are the best!

Redondo Beach
I started working with Pat because I was injured and could not run or play soccer. Pat promised he could ‘fix me’ so I could get back out on the soccer field. After going to the doctor and getting pain meds and the chiropractor and getting adjustments- and getting nowhere- My last hope was to try Pat’s strength plan! In 2-3 months I was back to playing soccer every week at full strength ! I have ever gone back to the chiropractor and have no need for the doctor. I am the strongest I have ever been in my life !

We know how frustrating it can be for people to invest their time and energy into a fitness or weight loss program only to wait and wait without seeing real results. Well, with BFit BStrong, the best personal training in Torrance and South Bay, you’ll see results in just two weeks. That’s 14 days until you’re witnessing an amazing body transformation… guaranteed!

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Get started with BFit BStrong, and you will start to see real results in just two weeks. We guarantee your body will begin to change, and that your body transformation will continue every two weeks throughout your participation with our training sessions. With BFit BStrong, the results will happen quick, and will speak for themselves.

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If you’ve tried it all before, the big box gyms and that fads and the infomercials, then don’t give up. There’s still hope, and it comes in the form of our innovative and proven successful personal training program.

Our unique total-body approach will tone up your body, address your problem and trouble spots, improve your stamina, strength and fitness, and do it all without bulking up.

You’re 14 days away from a total body transformation. Two weeks from improving how you look and feel, toning up, losing weight, and finally enjoying real fitness success! Take action today and we guarantee we’ll help you reach your goals.


Pat Valentine
Body Sculptor/Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert

PS. BFIT BSTRONG comes to you, your house, your park, at the beach, or anywhere else. It couldn’t be quicker or easier, so you don’t have any excuse to delay. Call your friends, put together a group, and have fun while you enjoy real results, tone up and lose weight in just two weeks!